Saturday, 9 August 2014

Economy, effectiveness and efficiency - yeah Right

So - Gary Romano who took the fall for the Fonterra botulism scare was head hunted by Shanghai Penguin - the company which bought the Crafar farms (the original purchase of which was financed by loans made to Crafar by Fonterra) and which are managed by the huge State Owned Enterprise  Landcorp which is planning to move out of direct land ownership into land management in partnership with the private sector.

A NZ Herald finance pundit says in March :  "Don't read from this that Pengxin is about to rapidly ramp up its operations in New Zealand anytime soon to form itself into a vertically integrated competitor to Fonterra. The company is more likely to look across the Tasman where Chinese investment in the sector is stepping up in advance of expectations that a bilateral free trade agreement will be notched between Australia and China."

Hmm - this is the company which has majority holding in the Synlait farms in Canterbury 
which included being given conservation land.

At present this company with no plans 'anytime soon to form itself into a vertically integrated competitor to Fonterra' has a deal in train to buy the 14000 hectare Lochinver Station in the central North Island which the Nats support.

Just as the warmongers in Israel launch the accusation of anti-semitism against who criticises their lunatic actions, the National Government in NZ launches the accusation of 'xenophobia' against anyone who criticises their lunatic short-termism which is nowhere more obvious than in the sale of vast tracts of dairy land to an offshore competitor to the 'industry' which has been allowed to become the foundation of our economy. 

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