Monday, 11 August 2014

Fee fie foe fit, I smell the stench of a hypocrite ….

These head lines on Yahoo!Xtra yesterday - just about sum up the world we live in.

'Kate Middelton's brother making edible selfless' - the clever little chap has set up a business printing Instagram snaps on marshmallows.


'Australian Boy in shocking Syrian picture' - a young boy, reportedly the son of an Australian jihadist in Syria, is seen posing with a Syrian soldier's head. 

The story is that Syrian government soldiers captured by the Islamic State jihadists are beheaded and their heads are impaled on fences and used as props in pictures that the righteous upholders of Islam post on Twitter and Facebook.  

It's funny how these maniacal anti-westerners are so into western media and imagery  - eg. images of them posing, legs spread, in front of a dick extension (car) holding a dick extension (gun) in each hand - how much more junk-American could you get?

I detest all men of violence and all proselytising religious fundamentalists but I especially detest the sociopaths who cynically manipulate them. 

So - why are we suddenly seeing these horrifying images splashed all over the internet (on some Christian fundy sites they're shown in all their gory glory, on MSM sites the heads are tastefully blocked out)?

Could it be to do with the Australian government's plans to introduce changes to the anti-terrorism laws - i.e. "broaden the listing criteria for terrorist organisations, lower the threshold for arrest without warrant for terrorism offences, extend police and intelligence agencies’ powers to stop, question and detain suspects, and make it easier for the Australian federal police to seek control orders on people returning from fighting abroad."

The Muslim community in Australia is justifiably appalled at the implications of these changes which target Muslims - so how very useful to have proof of Australian jihadists involved in heinous war crimes in Syria.

The stench of hypocrisy is unbearable. 

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