Sunday, 19 February 2012

Earthquake poem

I shrugged and flexed my spine
And your future and your past
Fell like ninepins in a cloud of choking dust
At first you ran cowered and hid
Joined your forebears in their terror
Then resentment joined the fear
And you raged and railed
Labelled me capricious and cruel
As if I shared your small momentary passions
I yawned and stretched and flexed some more
And kept on
Not because I want to teach you a lesson
Remind you
Of your often graceless impertinence
Or your soft and short term impermanence
Simply because it is what I do
That my upheavals trace your vulnerabilities
And place them in a vast universal frame
Should serve simply to remind you
That your rhymes and your reasons
Are no match for my times and my seasons
I was I am I will be
Well after your days are no longer numbered

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