Monday, 25 September 2017

The Neo-Libs’ Charter

Neo-Liberalism as an ideology is short-termist, short-sighted and it has the effect of short-circuiting the social contract.

Neo-Liberal austerity measures and state asset sales - are a political choice - not an economic necessity.

Neo-Liberal application of monetarist economic theory has turbo-charged neo-colonialism. It has resulted in: profiteering, asset-stripping, unaccountability, steadily increasing prices for increasingly poor quality services and commodities, driving down of wages at the base while grossly inflating remuneration at top, removal of job security, massive increase in personal debt, privatisation of profits and socialisation of costs, incalculable damage to the environment, and the use of technological advances to enable global finance capitalism while diverting vast swathes of people into a netherworld of misinformation, froth and nonsense.

The Neo-Libs’ Charter :

Reduce and privatise as much of the state as possible without compromising its coercive machinery, eg militarise the police to be ready to control internal dissent & maintain the military to be ready to control challenges to global capital deployment.

Allow and enable capital to roam freely across the globe in search of greater profits through the manipulation of financial markets, employment of cheap labour, investing in countries with ‘industry-friendly’ health & safety and environmental laws.

Create a global dependence on the finance sector.

Massively reward the already rich.

Create social, political & economic buffer zones of affluent demi-elites with a vested interest in maintaining the economic status quo.

Demonise and undermine working class collectives.

Push down wages and conditions at the base.

Reduce employment costs by shifting them onto self-employed contractors.

Remove job security for most of the workforce.

Increase personal debt through various forms of bank credit- especially home loans and credit cards.

Increase incarceration by putting more poor people in prison & imposing longer sentences.

Encourage the fragmentation of the political opposition.

Extend some formal rights to previously marginalised communities as long as they don’t challenge the economic status quo.

Control the mass media through the concentration of ownership.

Use social media to divert, divide and dominate via a mass of outright lies, misinformation and nonsense.

Create international and domestic pariahs and scapegoats to foment social division, fuel moral panics and justify coercive and interventionist strategies.

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